How to Score Cheap Flights

Get ready to learn how I score cheap flights so you can be a pro traveler! There is a method to my travel madness.

It’s all about getting the right deal in my book. I literally spend my time on Skyscanner and Google Flights scouring for the right prices and my next trip. These are just a few tips I’m using right now.

What are the right prices? I’m glad you asked! It really depends where you want to go and how much you’re willing to spend. My budget is around $300 for a round trip ticket somewhere far away from New York. A seven hour flight to Norway sounds about right. And yes, you can get a ridiculously cheap flight for under $280 right now to Norway. The only downside? Flying during those dreadful winter months.

Which airport to depart? I know this sounds silly because, obviously, you want to go to the nearest airport at your convenience. BUT, you can’t find a $280 ticket to Norway at any airport. You must be willing to fly out from somewhere like New York City. Certain airports tend to have lower flights on certain destination. It’s really all about playing around with Skyscanner and comparing those deal with other travel search engines. I normally use my JetBlue card to rack up those points so I’m barely paying anything to transfer to fly from another cities airport.

When’s the right time to travel? Your not going to find the best deals during a peak season. I’m just going to be honest with you. It’s all about being flexible with your schedule because the airlines aren’t going to be flexible with yours. Skyscanner offers the option of choosing any destination at the cheapest month. That’s where all the fun really begins!

When’s the best time to purchase? There really isn’t an accurate estimate at when the tickets are the cheapest, but it’s been said that Tuesday and Wednesday are your best time to buy. Why? Because promotions are usually streaming out on Monday (sometimes weekends) and companies tend to compete with those prices the following days.

How can I stay in the “know”? The best thing to do is sign up for emails. I know your inbox may be full of junk mail, but clear out the clutter and keep those travel deals coming! I’m subscribed to Travel Zoo and pretty much every airline. This just gives me a peace of mind to know I’m not missing out on any last minute promotions.

What’s my favorite airline? Norwegian. This airline is sometimes cheaper than booking a ticket from New York to Los Angeles. The best part? Once your in Norway, you can find some of the cheapest flights to London, and from London, the cheapest flights to Paris. You see my point?

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