How To Survive A Long-Haul Flight

Become a pro at surviving long-haul flights and in return will make it worthwhile to travel all the time.

Imagine having to take the longest 30hr flight of your life. Geez, just thinking about that seems pretty painful right? And yes, this does exist my friends. I can only imagine you will get bored pretty quick, especially if you’re anything like me. But I guess that’s all part of the package when you’re traveling all over the world.

I’m just going to warn you now, I’ve been nowhere past the 9hr mark, but I can assure you from my experience that you will either want to sleep the whole way through (good luck), or watch some lovely in-flight entertainment. Maybe you will get a good two-hour movie in, but what if I told you there are eight things you can add to that list.

8 Sucessful Tips:

  1. Read a book-time will go by faster than you think just by keeping your eyes peeled on the pages of your favorite book. Just don’t forget and leave it on the plane like me.
  1. Listen to a playlist- Creating a playlist is actually pretty important. It gives you some space to reflect and clears out the background noise (literally). I think I’ve become more obsessed with music during my commutes to work/school and especially during the joys of rush hour. This is a definite must.
  1. Duolingo- It’s like Rosetta Stones little sister except it’s completely free! Take a stab at learning 13 different languages with fun little exercises unlocking you to new levels. Going to a country that doesn’t speak any English? Yup, better start practicing!
  1. Netflix binge- If you’re lucky enough to get Wi-Fi on board your flight, binge watching a new series is a great way to kill time. I’ve been meaning to catch up on my Once Upon a Time episodes. Yes, I’m such a child at heart.
  1. Sleep- So maybe you can get some snooze in if you manage to get yourself comfortable. Lucky to all you first-class flyers! FYI- A pillow, blanket, and a sleeping mask will help. Let’s just hope you’re not sitting next to any crying babies.
  1. Do homework- I totally feel you not wanting to do this, but if you have lots of homework like me, it’s nice to be proactive once in a while. I promise you this; you’ll be in no mood to do homework when you’ve landed.
  1. Plan your itinerary- I tend to do things last minute, like booking flights two or three weeks in advance. I’m a go-with-the-flow kind of person and very much a winger, but I do realize the importance of having some things planned out before I get to my destination.
  1. Eat- There’s nothing like eating really. Need I say more?
So there you have it. I hope that these tips can get you to your destination at ease. If you’re looking for unique experience, check out Hello Giggles‘ tips! Happy travels!

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